Undermount Sink Supports

Sold Separately

Under Counter Sink supports are a multi part system consisting of TWO steel plates that attach at an appropriate height on the Left & Right side walls of Each sink Cabinet

4 each "J" hooks are attached to the steel plates and to which TWO steel bars are attached to the J Hooks, On which the sink Sits The Sink Rim of the Epoxy sink is 1/2" thick / wide to which is applied the two part Epoxy Adhesive, the sink placed on the Support bars, Ratcheted up with the J hook Nuts and washer and positioned properly within the sink Cutout, assuring about a 1/16 to 1/8" overhang of the Counter Into the Bowl OPENING - Looking down thru the opening in the counter.

The Nuts and washers are tightened sufficiently to squeeze out excess adhesive - which is then spread Under the Counter overhang to assure of a Complete Chemical liquid seal of the sink to Counter, without voids or gaps in the seal.