Epoxy Sink Accessories

Epoxy Adhesive

Pint Cans, Part "A" Resin; Part "B" Hardener. 1:1 Ratio Mix.

Epoxy adhesive is used for sealing splash, sinks, and drain waste. Included with each epoxy sink order. Sold separately if required.


  • Included With Order any Sink
  • Individually Sold: $79+Shipping
  • Best Use: Sealing splash, joints of epoxy countertops, sink installation, and drain waste

PP Drain Waste Set

Polyethylene (PP) Drain Waste Set - Consists of Outlet, Overflow, and Stopper. Available in Black. Other available upon inquiry.


  • Included With Order any Sink
  • Individually Sold: $70+Shipping
  • Best Use: Designed to fit and work with all undermount, drop-in, and ada compliant epoxy resin sinks.

Bottle Trap

Used below sink waste to capture particles, needles, with removalble bottle at base of trap. Available in Black Only.


  • Individually Sold: $75+Shipping
  • Best Use: Not required for use of epoxy sinks, but recommend for application when using needles or other particles that cannot go down the drain.

Undermount Sink Supports

Under Counter Sink supports are a multi part system consisting of TWO steel plates that attach at an appropriate height on the Left & Right side walls of Each sink Cabinet

4 each "J" hooks are attached to the steel plates and to which TWO steel bars are attached to the J Hooks, On which the sink Sits The Sink Rim of the Epoxy sink is 1/2" thick / wide to which is applied the two part Epoxy Adhesive, the sink placed on the Support bars, Ratcheted up with the J hook Nuts and washer and positioned properly within the sink Cutout, assuring about a 1/16 to 1/8" overhang of the Counter Into the Bowl OPENING - Looking down thru the opening in the counter.

The Nuts and washers are tightened sufficiently to squeeze out excess adhesive - which is then spread Under the Counter overhang to assure of a Complete Chemical liquid seal of the sink to Counter, without voids or gaps in the seal.


  • Individually Sold: $165+Shipping
  • Best Use: Support for all undermount epoxy sinks. Required for installation, but sold as a separate item as some customers have 'other' or 'old' sink supports already in use that can be repurposed.